若把西湖比西子 浓妆淡抹总相宜



23. The hands are like catkins, the skin is like coagulated fat, the collar is like a printer, the teeth are like a bottle rhinoceros, the head is like a moth's eyebrow, the smile is beautiful, and the eyes are looking forward to it.



24. A green fir girl came slowly with two oars in her hand, singing a little song in her mouth.



25. The best white horse is a young girl. She is in her twenties. Her white shirt is floating. There is a big flower made of red silk hanging on her left shoulder. Her face is slightly black, but her appearance is very beautiful.



26. Like a fairy, I couldn't help watching it. The boat slowly swung close, and I saw that the woman was young, but she was 15 or 16 years old. Her skin was more beautiful than snow, and her face was absolutely beautiful. You can't look at her.



27. But seeing her general melon seed face, her eyes are like painting, beautiful and vulgar.



28. I was so proud that I couldn't help laughing. It was as beautiful as a flower.



29. The large peony green smoke yarn is bixialuo, the pink Narcissus scattered flowers and green leaf skirt is winding and dragging the ground, and the body is wearing thin gold smoke green yarn. (www.lz13. CN) with low hanging sideburns and oblique inlaid pearl Jasper hairpins, it looks beautiful and beautiful.



30. I saw a girl in a lotus colored gauze shirt, her face facing the flower tree, her body was slim, her long hair was put on her vest, and she was gently held by a silver ribbon. He looked at her back and felt that there was a haze light cage beside the girl, which was really not human in the world.


31. Green green smoky shirt, scattered flowers, water mist and green grass pleated skirt, wearing green water thin smoky yarn, if the shoulder is cut into a waist, if the waist is plain, if the muscle is fat, if the air is orchid. Charming, boneless and gorgeous.



32. I saw the girl's slender hands, her skin as bright as jade, reflecting green waves, just as transparent.


33. My face is like congealed fat with spring water, white peony smoke Luo soft yarn, meandering white mopping floor smoke cage, plum blossom hundred water skirt, and my body is soft smoke Luo, which is really a little greasy, crisp and tender.



34. If the West Lake is better than Xizi, it is always appropriate to wear heavy makeup and light makeup.


35. However, seeing her beautiful and vulgar, and her face shining, she is really a beautiful beauty. She is only sixteen or seventeen years old and has a graceful figure.



36. The Bixia Luo embroidered with Phoenix in yellow, the pink smoke gauze skirt sweeping the ground, the qiluo green soft yarn in hand, the wind bun and fog sideburns, and a peony flower obliquely inserted in the sideburns are really a little bit: the Dai eyebrows are beautiful and far away, and the green sideburns are pure and deeply stained with the smell of spring smoke.


37. The devil's hot figure, with a big wavy golden curl hair shining brightly, and slender thighs wearing a goose yellow miniskirt, shows the perfection of the figure.



38. She is about seventeen or eighteen years old. She has a melon seed face and looks very beautiful.


39. The pink rose fragrance tight robe sleeve top is covered with a green smoke gauze floral skirt. The waist is tied into a big bow with gold soft smoke. The hair on the temples is low and the Jasper Zanfeng hairpin is inserted obliquely. The body is slender and the demon is gorgeous, which attracts people's soul.



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